Innovative Asset Management Solutions for Underground Transmission
The USi Group is unique in combining our unmatched specialized engineering expertise and products across all HV power cable types with our demonstrated installation and repair experience history resulting in an unparalleled offering in the underground power delivery space.

  • Monitoring, Ratings & Diagnostics for extruded and laminar cable systems
  • HPFF Pressurizing, Circulating & Cooling Plants
  • HPFF & HPGF Cable Accessories
  • Engineering, Installation & Maintenance Services

  • High Voltage Cable Installation & Maintenance Services
  • Jointing, Terminating and Hydraulic Services
  • North America & International

  • SCFF/HPFF Cable Accessories
  • Fluid Reservoirs and Hydraulic System Components for SCFF Cable Systems
  • Sheath Bonding Link Boxes
  • id-Technik Cable Clamping Solutions