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General Description

Fast and accurate answers for day-to-day rating decisions at your fingertips!

RateKit™ Thermal Rating Toolkit software is the first fully integrated transmission line rating program that combines steady state and transient rating programs with calculation modules for loss of strength and high temperature sag calculations; it is the most sophisticated implementation of IEEE 738 and CIGRE TB-207 standards for rating overhead transmission lines. The enhancements embedded in the software make it the most powerful commercially-available thermal rating tool in the market. It is equally useful to T&D engineers, planners, dispatchers, and operations supervisors when answering critical questions such as:

  • What is the temperature increase during a 10-minute emergency?
  • What was the loss of strength resulting from a recent 2-hour emergency?
  • How much will the temperature of the conductor change if the wind drops to zero?
  • What is the sag error introduced by manufacturing variations in conductor properties?

Steady-state rating conductor temperature
Steady state rating conductor temperature

The software is capable of utilizing both the IEEE Standard 738 thermal rating method and the CIGRE TB-207 method. Capabilities include steady-state rating and temperature calculations, sag calculations, radial temperature gradients, annealing calculations, transient rating and temperature calculations, as well as “Batch Mode” calculations and plots which enable sophisticated simulation and analysis abilities.

The user-friendly interface avoids any possible confusion in the calculations and methods that are available in this program. Design data may be chosen in either SI or US units, while the choice of calculation type can be made independently of the units in the entry of design data.

Most U.S. conductor types, as well as an extensive set of standard European conductors (German, French, and British) are selectable by their code names without the need for separate inputs of conductor properties. The software includes a unique sag/tension program that calculates the sags and sag changes in any span of a ruling span line section. Moreover, it offers user-variable input of the “knee-point temperature” of ACSR conductors, permitting various assumptions to be made about aluminum compression. Calculations can be made either in U.S. conventional units or SI units.


A free demo is available for download. The demo is full featured with a limited number of conductor types with which you can try out the functionality. Click on the link below to download the zipped installation package. Extract the contents to a temporary directory and run the setup.exe program. Refer to the full setup instructions for details on specific Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Download the RateKit™ Thermal Rating Toolkit software demo

Transient thermal rating
Transient thermal rating

Sample Plot Output
Sample plot output


RateKit™ Thermal Rating Toolkit software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 through Windows 10 operating systems.

Upon purchase, USi provides a registration key that enables full utilization of the software package. The software is available with single user as well as site licensing options. Please contact our sales department for a quotation.

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