Pressurizing – Circulation – Cooling Plants

pressurizing plant
Product Overview

USi is an approved supplier of pressurizing plants at most major US utilities.

USi’s recently completed pressurizing plants utilize our modular pressurizing skid design, as well as our new advanced full PLC-control, monitoring and diagnostics system. Some of these systems also integrate real-time cathodic protection monitoring and load-monitoring into the touchscreen and diagnostic user-interface.

Our circulation and cooling plants, ranging from 25 gpm to 300 gpm, have been installed on critical transmission circuits for a number of major utilities. USi has designed and fabricated air-cooling plants, which are operated in series. These plants incorporate a unique USi control system, which allows high flow rates & cooling to be achieved working within severe pressure drop limitations.

We have provided high-speed HPFF cooling systems, including refrigeration chillers and intermediate brine cooling systems. These Refrigeration Cooling Plants are capable of providing a rating increase of up to 60%, incorporating advanced PLC-based control, monitoring, diagnostic and alarm systems. USi provides complete project packages, including design, engineering, fabrication, installation, field site supervision and commissioning of the plants, along with integration of dynamic rating systems, communications and server-based remote-control systems.

USi offers comprehensive and unique technical support related to pipe-type cable transmission systems. Our design and fabrication capabilities provide technically and economically attractive solutions for utilities.

Additional information

Pressurizing, circulation and cooling plants & system solutions – brochure (.pdf)

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