Power Donut® Line Monitor

Product Overview

The PD3® Instrumentation Platform is the latest generation of the Power Donut® Line Monitor, designed for data acquisition, data logging, and alarm monitoring applications on overhead transmission lines, including Dynamic Line Rating.

Installed onto a live conductor by means of a hot stick without taking an outage, it is powered by magnetic flux coupling from the conductor, and operates corona free up to 765 kV rated voltage. A high-temperature version enables operation on high-temperature composite conductors up to 250 °C. 2.4 GHz radio and 2G/3G/4G cellular communications are built in.

Additional information

PD3® Instrumentation Platform brochure (.pdf)

PD3® Instrumentation Platform installation video (.mp4)

Transmission & Distribution World: ”Vattenfall goes real time” (.pdf)

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