Engineering Services


USi maintains core competence in power engineering with special emphasis in underground and underwater high voltage transmission cable systems. Our staff consists of technical professionals with hands-on utility, manufacturing, and research experience.

We have made significant contributions to the development and commercialization of all types of cable systems, including high-pressure pipe-type, self-contained fluid-filled, solid dielectric, and high-temperature superconducting.

USi has been involved in all aspects of transmission cable engineering from design, through installation, maintenance, failure investigation, and repair. This gives our clients a unique perspective on system design and implementation previously available solely from major manufacturers/installers.

Engineering services

Our engineering services include detailed engineering as well as a large degree of coordination with manufacturers, contractors, utilities, and permitting agencies. USi can assist in all these areas or offer total project management solutions for your power delivery project.

Concept and feasibility

Review transmission system requirements and evaluate alternative power delivery options including reliability and risk assessments. Projects of this type involve studies of proposed or existing transmission facilities – overhead or underground – and generally result in a conceptual power delivery plan and budgetary estimate.

Route selection & planning

Perform route and other engineering surveys to obtain the required topographical, thermal, and electrical design parameters. From this data, a preliminary route plan and cable design are established and the required accessories, ancillary support hardware, and software are identified. This leads to a complete bill of materials and list of qualified suppliers. The primary deliverable at this project stage is a detailed set of construction drawings.

Procurement specifications & supplier selection

Develop the equipment and construction specifications used for procurement purposes. Work with potential suppliers to address non-compliance issues and review alternate proposals. Assist the client in the selection process and revise the project specifications accordingly.

Installation and inspection

Develop installation methods, acceptance criteria, and engineering change procedures. Provide experienced inspection and/or test services designed not only to insure compliance with the established requirements but functional correctness as well. Coordinate with responsible parties to collect and incorporate “as-built” data into the final project drawings.

Commission and contingency planning

Plan and conduct final operational tests and inspections of the cable system, including monitoring, alarm, and SCADA functionality. Develop the operating and maintenance procedures for all system components, integrate them into a set of operating manuals and conduct the required training. Manuals and training will incorporate contingency response plans and activities.


Hold training classes for splicing and terminating all types of high voltage cable systems. Conduct training programs on the operation and maintenance of ancillary cable system support equipment such as pumping and cooling plants, degassers, and cathodic protection systems.

Inspections and audits

Conduct inspections of existing cable systems to evaluate functional condition and reliability of all components and identify any area requiring remedial actions. Audit existing operating, maintenance, and contingency response plans to insure that operating staff has clear instructions and have been adequately trained.

Total project management services

Everything from specification, design, fabrication, installation, testing, and training: USi can do it all.

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