Cable Accessories

Product Overview

As a leader in design and manufacturing of high voltage cable accessories for over 40 years, USi has the resources and experience to meet any accessory need, from extra-high voltage to low voltage, high pressurre pipe-type to low pressure self-contained and solid paper to low pressure gas . The following is an overview of USi’s capabilities.

Custom-Designed Joint Kits and Components

USi custom designs joint kits for cables rated from 5 kV to 500 kV. They are available for pipe-type and self-contained, and solid paper insulated . Insulations include low power factor, high dielectric strength flat and crepe paper, PPP semi-synthetic laminate and polymeric tapes. Kits are complete; they include all components, accurate instructions and detailed drawings prepared for the specific installation so splicer and foreman time is not wasted with drawings that do not clearly relate to components in the manhole.

Terminations and Termination Products

USi supplies high voltage terminations for high, medium and low pressure dielectric fluid-filled – and high pressure, gas-filled cable systems, rated from 69 to 138 kV. They are designed to meet IEEE Standard No. 48 requirements. USi designs and manufactures accessories for terminations, including diffusion chambers, insulated mounting plates, external filter bypass assemblies and termination pressure monitoring and alarm assemblies. Custom design services are available for termination interfaces with transformers and switchgear. USi also designs and fabricates stainless steel risers and couplings needed in the station. USi can do the complete job including the engineering calculations and riser bend layout between the trifurcator and the termination stub.

Custom-Designed Joint Casings, Pipe-Type Cables

Each USi joint casing is designed to work in its installation environment (e.g. a specific manhole or buried pipe-type cable application) to prevent thermal mechanical damage to the splice and cable and to provide adequate room to splice. Evacuation, drain and pressurizing valves are included when required. Normal and special casings (trifurcators, spreaderheads and diffusion chambers) are also available. Sleeve assemblies and component parts for self-contained and lead-jacketed cables are available in many configurations and materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, lead, copper and aluminum.

Protection for Terminations During Loss of Pressure

All high pressure terminations are susceptible to failure when internal pressure drops below the allowable operating minimum. USi’s SF6 Termination Injection System (TIS) provides immediate protection following catastrophic pressure loss. Recent application has been on high pressure pipe systems where large elevation differences exist between terminal ends. The SF6 TIS can easily be incorporated in both new and existing termination assemblies.

Valve and Pipe Assemblies

USi designs and fabricates fail-safe crossover assemblies, outlet valve manifolds, diffusion chambers, flow limiters, automatic bypass units and other custom valve, pipe and instrumentation assemblies. All high pressure assemblies are manufactured under a certified USi quality control program and are fully factory tested. USi cross-over and bypass valve assemblies can be fully instrumented and self-contained. They automatically close or limit flow upon sensing a leak, a major pressure loss or a pressurizing plant problem. Used in combination with USi stop joints, this system allows the stop joint to be fully automatic, providing stop joint protection within seconds entirely without manual intervention.

Technical Support and training

USi fully supports its customers during and after installation, including training customer staff, assisting during startup and with technical help if there are ever any problems. USi personnel have spliced cable in manholes and at sea, repaired cable failures, repaired and refurbished terminations and located leaks. There is no substitute for field experience for solving problems in the field.

Field Services
  • Technical supervision
  • Project management
  • Construction inspection
  • Circuit restoration
  • Emergency response
  • Splicing (underground and submarine cables)
  • Failure analysis
  • Equipment evaluation and audits
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